Sandor on the BBC

Sandor Katz has been enchanted by fermentation, the mysterious process by which microbes transform food and drink, for some two decades. Since making his first crock of sauerkraut, his fascination withfermentation has broadened, deepened, and he now travels the world giving workshops. Based in Tennessee, his books including ‘Wild Fermentation’ and the encyclopaedic ‘The Art of Fermentation’ have helped many thousands of people to get started with making their own ferments, experimenting with flavours, fruits, vegetables, spices… and microorganisms.

Dan Saladino travels to Sandor’s forest home in rural Tennessee to meet Sandor, hear his story, and discover for himself the transformative, delicious potential of these mostly simple culinary processes.

Coming up in a future edition of The Food Programme, a practical masterclass in fermentation with Sandor Katz.


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One thought on “Sandor on the BBC

  1. I had an emergency phone call yesterday. “This chap on the radio doing the salty massaged fermented cabbage thing you do…”. So I tuned in. I’ve only been fermenting for just over a year, but already addicted! It’s great to hear the addiction can last decades!

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