Which Book?

Sandor Katz’s Fermentation Journeys (Book): Sandor’s latest book, detailing fermented foods and beverages he has learned about in his travels, sure to inspire your fermentation journey.


The Art of Fermentation (Book): 500+ pages filled with how-to info, troubleshooting, scientific information, resources, photos, and more.


Wild Fermentation (Book): Sandor’s 2016 2nd edition book on fermentation. A great introduction, though not as in-depth as The Art of Fermentation.


Fermentation As Metaphor (Book): Sandor meditates on his art and work, drawing connections between microbial communities and aspects of human culture.


Basic Fermentation (Book): Sandor’s first self-published work on fermentation, from 2001. Now reformatted and published by Microcosm. Cheap and with lots of information.


The Revolution Will Not be Microwaved (Book): A survey of grassroots projects to reclaim food; with recipes and some fermentation information.