Peanut Butter and Kimchi Sandwiches!

Peanut butter and kimchi sandwiches, a shockingly delicious combination that never occurred to me, served up by the experimentalists at the Yale Sustainable Food Project.


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10 thoughts on “Peanut Butter and Kimchi Sandwiches!

  1. Hello Sandorkraut! 🙂 We love Korean food and have been looking for a good recipe for cabbage kim-chee. Do you have one that you could share!

  2. Our family snack is peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. Apparently my grandma (born and raised in Iowa) didn’t like sweet things with peanut butter. When I discovered Thai food it made a lot of sense.

  3. I started fermenting this year, spurred on by a gift of your book at Christmas. I have made several batches of kimchi of various kinds. Once I saw this post, I knew I had to give this a try and the flavors work perfectly together. I think this is my new snack food 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiration and the ideas, Sandor. Greatly appreciated!

  4. There was a time when I was younger, my dog and I lived on peanut butter and salsa sandwiches, so I am sure these are delicious. Even my dog loved them and never suffered any adverse reaction from them.

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