Garbanzo Miso with Red Chile and Hijiki

My friend Favero Greenforest, a fellow experimentalist, just sent photos of the latest batch of miso he harvested: garbanzo miso, with red chile and hijiki.

Favero asks: Is there anything so smile-inducing and fantastically yummy as fresh home made miso?


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9 thoughts on “Garbanzo Miso with Red Chile and Hijiki

    • Virginia- I started this batch of garbonzo miso by cooking 2.5# dry beans, which ended up around 5# cooked weight. I used 5# barley koji and 6% salt by weight.
      I added 25 g dried hijiki and a handful of red chile flakes. This miso was a year old when i harvested it and is very delicious.

      Hijiki is a fairly mild seaweed to use in miso. Wakame and arame are too strong for my tastes and can easily overpower the flavor of the beans.

      Favero, Seattle WA

  1. Got to agree with Virginia…a recipe for that heavenly looking mass would be akin to this penniless student Tasmanian hippy winning lotto! 🙂 Cheers for sharing these pictures

  2. OK, I see the recipe. Not real clear for a beginner. And what is barley koji? I will google it. I assume you dump everything in a crock or canning jar. That is where I am stumped. Thanks, Sue

    • Sue, both of Sandor’s books describe the process of making miso. Also, if you order koji spores from GEM Cultures, the instructions for making miso are included.
      Like most other lacto-fermented foods, there are four basic steps: chop, salt, pack, and wait. So, for miso, you mash (chop) the beans and koji, add salt, pack, and wait. Then enjoy. And don’t forget to harvest the tamari along the way.
      (It seems too much to describe the entire process of making miso on this forum, so find those books and read up.)
      Also, I’ve made hundreds of pounds of miso paste, and have yet to use soybeans.

  3. I think Im in heaven …..I can almost taste all of your creations through cyber web !! Amazing ….It looks like you guys are having a blast

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