Writing a book

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Dear Sandor Ellix Katz,
I was involved since my childhood in fermenting cows milk living on a farm in the Alpes of Bavaria. As a physician I am investigating for foods suitable eatable and saludable for my patients which are intolerant to some food, for example wheat, in sense of gluten, eggs and animal milks proteins. Since the process of fermentation reduces allergenity and the reactions of intolerance i was searching for solutions. We know kraut and its prebiotic potential. But how could I substitute the adiction to the white gold, the cows milk kulture. It is not possible, but i worked in white fermentet alternatives from vegetable milks.
I used natural fermentation and several starter cultures.
Now this book contatns cheeses with recipes and stories from 13 nuts and seeds and searching i found you! I would like ti cite your work and hear your opinion about my work!!


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