Wonderful world of fermented vegetables

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Come and experience the wonderful world of fermented vegetables. We’ll have samples of krauts, kimchis, and other fermented vegetables for you to try. These fermented vegetables are rich in nutrients and healthy probiotics.

You’ll be making your own sauerkraut with cabbage and vegetables, but that’s just the start! We’ll move on to kimchi, learning what makes those combinations and processes different from sauerkraut. Other vegetables can be fermented, too (without whey) and we’ll show you how.

Bring a large bowl and several glass jars with lids for taking home what you’ve prepared.

Class is hands-on.

Location: Lindbergh Senior High School, St Louis, MO. Cost: $29 (adults 60 and over $19.50). 630 to 830 PM


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