Wild Food & Fermentation Workshop

Wild Food & Fermentation Workshop at Ashevillage Institute

Join Sandor Katz for a hands-on week-long workshop this Spring.  The focus?  Using food as medicine.  The Wild Food & Fermentation Workshop will give participants the tools to naturally heal their bodies with fermented foods and wild edibles.  

In the mornings, Katz will lead lectures and hands-on fermentation classes, demystifying the microbial process and connecting cultured foods with cultures around the world. Participants will be empowered to reclaim the transformational process in their own kitchens and have the opportunity to create kraut, kimchi, kombucha, wine, mead, soda, sourdough, dosa, and so much more.

Afternoons include excursions with five top wild food experts: Alan Muskat, Marc Williams, Asia Suler, Luke Cannon, and Natalie Bogwalker.  Learn about wild medicinal mushrooms, concoct mineral rich bone broths, make digestive root bitters, forage for salad & pesto ingredients, and partake in a wild woodland tea party.

Fermentation virgins and kraut connoisseurs alike will glean life-long wisdom from this week-long workshop with the masters. Walk away with in-depth knowledge on culturing, homebrewing, natural healing, preserving food, identifying wild edibles, crafting herbal medicines, and saving money by foraging for the nutrient rich ingredients that are hiding in plain sight all around us. 

Speaking of, early bird registration also saves money.



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2 thoughts on “Wild Food & Fermentation Workshop

  1. Sandor: You are my HERO! And I am going to meet you in the kitchen one day when life is more GENEROUS with $$$ and sends EXTRA my way!

    You keep saying: we can ferment anything. Please tell me how to ferment the best bacon in the world (Tender Belly… zowie!) to create their no nitrates maple curled bacon-tasting veggies. There has to be a way, but in all of my genius… I don’t know how. So as a guru/hero/top guy in the world, please help me figure this out!!

    I really loved the interview w/Dr. Mercola. LOL… you were like a PR guru speaking to the allopathic medical community that tries to scare us off from gut health! I loved it.

    Are you writing a book about the Indian ferments you learned from being in India for so long? Hope so.

    • Nobody is answering me about using bacon in ferments… come on guys!!

      I need an authentic SOUTHERN INDIAN (Bangalore) recipe from an old family cook for TOMATO CHUTNEY…. please!

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