Wild Fermentation Gathering

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Sunday 6th of November 14:00

learn the art of wild fermentation!

Sauerkraut, Kim-chi, zuurkool.

A gathering of curious souls to reverse the war on bacteria

What we offer
A bit on the why and how of Fermentation
the raw material (lots of cabbages, carrots and Salt)
Pots and Jars
first hand experience
second hand knowledge
recipes (for those who like to follow the written word)

what we ask from you
your presence
monetary donation of your choice

In its simplest form fermenting cabbage is just chopping, salting and packing.

From there on it is a wild journey of experimentation on what works the easiest and taste the best.

This sunday we start this journey together. Welcome!


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