The lost art of Fermentation

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Format:Demonstration/Interactive cooking class
Chef – Walter Trupp
Nutritionist – Dorota Trupp
website –

Ever wondered why yogurt is so good for you? Want to build immunity naturally? Would you like to optimise health and enhance digestion while restoring proper balance of your gut bacteria through real, whole foods? In this course, we learnt how prepare natural, probiotic foods that kept our ancestors healthy and allergy-free for thousands of years in a most delicious way. Naturally fermented foods are essential to health, but sadly lacking in most modern diets. Learn how to make enzyme-rich fermented foods such as yogurts, milk, water and coconut kefirs, citrus fruit and tea kombuchas, sauerkraut and homemade sodas.


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