The Great Australian UN-Cook Off

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

A World First Event!

The Great Australian UN-Cook Off will include expert exhibitors, fun and informative talks – and – the UN-Cook Off! Watch teams go head-to-head competing LIVE to make the best juice/smoothie, salad, main and dessert.

Love My Kitchen Rules and Master Chef? This is the LIVE version of these shows, with EXTRA SPECIAL ingredients that give incredible health and vitality!

Our speakers and exhibitors will let you in on the secrets to easily include simple, life-enhancing foods in your everyday eating and amaze you with what can be done with such nutritious, healthy food. Want to learn about raw food, sprouting, fermenting? Care about your health, preventing disease and looking and feeling GREAT? This is the place for you!

Plus we’ll announce the winner of our online recipe competition, judged by Pete Evans.



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