The Bubbling Crock: Fermented Vegetables and Their Role in Traditional Diets

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

While we all know that fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs are good for us, few of us remember how to preserve them in a way that actually increases their living enzymes and turns them into nutritionally-enhanced, potent and digestible old-fashioned side dishes and relishes.

Join Jessica Prentice author of Full Moon Feast for this two part session. The first section she will provide an overview of the role of lacto-fermentation in traditional diets. This will be followed by demonstrations on how to transform a wide spectrum of vegetables into delicious and nutritionally dense side dishes and condiments. Bring your questions and curiosity as you glean wisdom from a veteran in the field of fermentation.

This workshop is part of The Midwest Women\’s Herbal Conference



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