Soft Fermented Drinks (ginger beer, water kefir, lemonade, tepache, kvasses)

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Our soft fermented drinks course applies the principles of fermentation to non-alcoholic drinks. A great alternative for those who aren’t fans of kombucha but still want to reap the benefits of drinkable ferments. In addition to general fermentation knowledge, we’ll go over drink-specific principles such as; first and secondary fermentations, drink maintenance, how to use up your surplus, and how the variations in fermentation process impact final flavour.

Over the course of the class, you’ll learn to make a ginger bug to take home and brew your own ginger beer. We’ll also provide you with alternative usages for the ginger bug to kickstart other fermented drinks, as well as how to make other flavored starter bugs. We’ll also make fruit kvass, water kefir (with grains included), whilst discussing the history and cultures of those fermented soft drinks.

We’ll have a selection of drinks to try out including various flavoured water kefirs, tepache, fruit kvass, beetroot kvass, and ginger beer, complemented by an explanation of how to make each one.

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