Schumacher College

Exploring the Microcosmos – New Paradigms from Microbial Communities

26 – 30 May 2014

With Sandor Katz, Eva Bakkeslett and Stephan Harding

New discoveries in microbiology are yielding exciting information about microbial communities and the roles that they play in our bodies and in all life. Learn about this exciting new frontier of knowledge and how to explore these intercultural relationships in culinary, artistic, philosophical and practical ways.

In this course we will work with the microcosmos in new and ancient forms, from compost to kefir. Practical concepts and experiences fermenting foods and beverages will be an important component of the course.

Join us for a unique exploration into the amazing world of microorganisms and discover how they can inspire us to cultivate more tasty, vibrant, sustainable and collaborative communities.

From the course you can expect to gain:

An insight into the history and developments of the ancient microbial world.
How humans and microbes are interlinked.
More about the ancient and transformative process of fermentation.
Practical skills in how to ferment vegetables, make yoghurt, kefir and viili, bake sourdough bread and ferment beverages and make compost.
Knowledge of the amazing abilities of microorganisms to transform, change and adapt, communicate, and collaborate.
How microbes and the process of fermentation can inspire medical research, artistic work and innovative design.


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