Sauerkraut from Crock to Plate: A Benefit for JUST FOOD

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Hands-On & Demonstration, (Vegetarian & Dairy-Free)

Naturally fermented sauerkraut is a nutrition powerhouse—high in vitamins and minerals, and full of probiotics that aid digestion. Its tangy flavor and crunchy texture are wonderful components in many dishes. Delicious and good for you, sauerkraut is fun to make and easy to customize. Come learn how to make your own, and discover different ways to enhance your favorite foods with sauerkraut. Join Chef Michaela Hayes, founder of Crock & Jar, and enter the magical world of fermentation!

On the Menu: Classic Sauerkraut with Flavor Variations; Sauerkraut Salad; Polish Pierogi; Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake.

Instructor: Michaela Hayes, Founder and Chef, Crock & Jar

Location: Bowery Culinary Center at Whole Foods Market
95 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

Fee: $40.00

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