San Diego Fermentation Festival

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).


Hours: 11am to 5pm

We are excited to announce that the fourth annual San Diego Fermentation Festival is returning to Encinitas!

The San Diego Fermentation Festival is a family-friendly outdoor festival featuring:

– A Makers Marketplace showcasing the southern California bounty of artisan foodmakers and brewers
– An Ambrosia Garden (21+) featuring fermented adult beverages such as mead, beer, kombucha* and wine
– Workshops and presentations given by fermentation experts covering how and why to make and eat fermented foods and beverages
– Do-It-Yourself Fermentation stations where you can learn hands-on how to make fermented food
– Wellness Pavilion- Give your Whole Self a break! Yoga classes, sound healing, other relaxation and rejuvenation activities
– Live Music and Entertainment

The goal and mission of the Festival have always been to reach and teach as many people as we can about food fermentation and the importance of gut health!

While we do “geek out” and celebrate our unlimited love for fermented foods, the Festival is part of a broader narrative about food and community. The myriad benefits of such a gathering include:

– Building stronger communities
– Supporting the local economy and foodshed
– Providing a liaison between the scientific community and the public about the latest gut health knowledge
– Sharing knowledge (and cultures)
– Empowering us to take command of what we put into our bodies
– Learning by doing and working together
– Respecting, honoring and learning about farming and our food system
– Supporting the local economy and foodshed


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