Post-Bioneers Workshop Intensive: From the Culture of Soil to Cultured Foods


Bioneers presents an ecological-farm tour and fermented foods workshop with master nature farmer and Chez Panisse supplier Bob Cannard, and fermented foods revivalist and author Sandor Katz.

Beneficial microorganisms are a keystone element in soil fertility and human health. A mere tablespoon of thriving soil has about 50 billion microorganisms. A healthy human gut has approximately 100 trillion microorganisms that are essential to life. These microorganisms are life-supporting allies that provide multiple important functions that make nutrients more bioavailable, promote health and build immunity against disease. We are only now beginning to recognize the need to maintain healthy levels of microorganisms with better farming techniques and by eating more fermented foods.

On Monday, October 21 join Bioneers on a private farm tour with Green String Farm owner Bob Cannard, who will share his unique eco-farming practices that create deep fertility in the land, and intense vitality and flavor in the food he grows. In the afternoon Sandor Katz will teach a hands-on workshop on how to make powerfully healthy foods in your own kitchen, while discussing the wonderful, diverse, global culinary traditions and health benefits of fermented foods.

Join Us for a day of farming and fermentation
Where: Green String Farm, Petaluma, CA
When: Monday October 21 from 10 AM- 4:30 PM
Cost: $175 (Includes lunch and bus transportation from Embassy Suites, San Rafael)

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