Onggi Fermentation Journeys

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Join us over Zoom on October 6th as we host Sandor Katz to discuss his upcoming book, Fermentation Journeys!

About this event

We’re so excited to host a FREE webinar with Sandor Katz to discuss his upcoming book, Fermentation Journeys. Join us on October 6th at 7PM ET over Zoom to hear about Sandor’s writing process (and all sorts of fermentation things). There will be a Q&A session that follow afterwards.

Sandor needs no introduction – he’s a fermentation revivalist stirring up much of the fermenty fervor here in the states. His other books Wild Fermentation and Art of Fermentation are absolute staples in any home cook’s library. Sandor’s writings are foundational influences in the Onggi team’s own fermentation journeys too.

We’ll have pre-orders available for the first copies of Fermentation Journeys we receive directly from the publisher, including 10 signed copies! There will be free in-store pick up for books, but for those who need shipping, we will send a follow-up charge once we receive your shipping address.

Of course, we also have copies of Sandor’s other books available in the shop: Wild Fermentation, Art of Fermentation, and Fermentation as Metaphor. If you’d like to add one to your shipped order, please send us an email at

For more about Sandor, visit his website here:


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