NOFA-NY Winter Conference

Organic farming is rooted in health – of the soil, the farmer, and the community. And health is the foundation of resilience. Our conference theme, Rooted in Resilience, reflects the ability of organic systems to embrace challenges: no matter whether it’s a global pandemic, unprecedented weather, a new pest, or the loss of an important market.

For nearly four decades, our conference has convened farmers, homesteaders, soil scientists, seedkeepers, and ag-vocates to work together and learn from one another. The mutual support and the generous exchange of knowledge is a hallmark of the NOFA-NY community. And now, we’ve seen the power of the that: our CSAs, farmers markets, and local co-ops have been models of food security throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our conference is an opportunity to leverage that power and learn directly from the experts: you!

One registration = 90+ workshops and events!

To register for the conference, visit the NOFA-NY website

Sandor’s presentation is Friday, January 22 at 4 p.m. ET. 
Learn more about his presentation on the workshops page and select Kitchen Demos. 





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