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One thought on “MAD Symposium

  1. Hello Sandor,

    I am very excited to hear that you will be presenting at MAD. I have read your Wild Fermentation book several times and have been genuinely inspired by it. I live in a rural town in Alaska and work as a sous chef in a bakery/ cafe there. Here we have surprising access to local grown vegetables, herbs, dairy, and meats. Since reading your book, ad being blessed with an amazing environment, i have been experimentation with great success lots of fermented goods. Because I do most my fermenting in a bakery the microorganisms that thrive in the air there are particularly virile. These expiraments and inspirations have also pushed me to return to school to further my calling in food microbiology. I feel compelled to thank for keeping on doing what you do. I look forward to hearing you at MAD

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