Lacto Leftovers : Fermentation Workshop at The Fumbally Stables

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Every culture has a fermentation culture. Before refrigeration, cultures would transform produce around them in various ways to preserve it. Through various preservation methods of endless bounties, the adaption and incorporation of fermented foods in everyday life is extensive and diversified! With that said, this workshop delves into the Eastern European culture of Sauerkraut! This workshop is also focusing on leftover produce, when in the past cultures dealt with times of scarcity, today we deal with an overabundance of food and graves amount of waste. How can we use fermentation to preserve our leftovers for less waste? How can fermentation be used for all vegetables (organic and mono-culturally grown/pesticide ridden) to save waste in this world?

We will be tasting through a variety of Sauerkrauts, snacking on a fermented hummus, and everyone will be making some kraut as well to take home with them!

You will leave this course with the knowledge of the history of fermentation and Sauerkraut, the health benefits that fermented foods bring us, an open mind to the possibilities of adapting kraut into your cooking and/or food consumption in general, and the knowledge of working with and a continuation of working with live wild bacteria.

To reserve a spot, please email or follow the link:

Workshop price: €50


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