Kombucha Kamp Complete Workshop

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).


The Complete Workshop is held on a monthly basis in Los Angeles, CA. Dates are subject to change and more classes may be added. Please email greendeal@kombuchakamp.com to reserve a spot.


Saturday March 14th @ 11am


Learn how to make a lifetime supply of Kombucha! Workshop is $30 and cultures & kits are sold separately.
History of Kombucha
Health Benefits
How to Make KT
Kombucha Lifestyle

Hannah’s Homebrew – my very own homemade booch
Meeting new and interesting people who also love Kombucha
Sitting in my lovely garden with a refreshing glass of KT
What you get:
Informative & fun presentation
Sample Hannah’s Homebrew
Link to Video Library
Variety of starter kits available to fit any need.

**Get your DELUXE Brew Now Kit** Just $45 more! ($60 Retail)
Why scramble for the supplies? Let The Kombucha Mamma take care of it for you.

Includes all the supplies you need to start brewing a gallon of Kombucha today!
1 Full Size Kombucha Culture + 1 cup starter liquid
8oz Organic, evaporated cane sugar crystals
1oz Hannah’s Special Kombucha Tea Blend – Organic & Fair Trade
1 Reusable muslin tea bag
1-gallon glass brewing vessel ($8-15 at most stores)
Upcycled cloth cover & rubber band
Lab-grade pH strips
1 Kombucha Mamma Flavoring Packet
Complete Handbook (pdf) – Over 100 pages of information, tips & recipes!

NEXT KAMP = 3/14/2015
Starting Time: 11 AM
Duration: Usually 2.5-3 hours
Save Your Spot (valid for 3 months)


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