Koji Fermentation

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Koji is Aspergillis oryzae mold, grown on rice, and used mixed with other ingredients to make miso, amazake, tamari, and sake in traditional Japanese cuisine. We will make miso and amazake and taste them, as well as explain how sake, rice vinegar and tamari are made. You’ll go home with a bottle of amazake, so bring a glass or plastic quart container.

Suggested Donation $35-40. Space is limited to 15. Reserve your space by emailing carrborogreenspace@gmail.com


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One thought on “Koji Fermentation

  1. Thankyou Sandor for all you do! You have brought Culture to a lost sheep! I would so love to see this! Ive had a container of Koji for a few years in my pantry never felt ready to jump in! I’ll have to get on your mailing list in case your ever around my world (Redondo Beach, Ca)

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