Kimchi Workshop

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Every culture has a fermentation culture. Before refrigeration cultures would transform produce around them in various ways to preserve it. Through various preservation methods of endless bounties, the adaption and incorporation of fermented foods in everyday life is extensive and diversified! With that said, this workshop delves into the Korean\’s adaptation of cabbage and various produce, the wonderful ferment of Kimchi.

During the course:
-The workshop will begin on a discussion of fermentation and a focus on the Korean traditions and history of fermentation
-During the discussion, there will be various different Kimchi™s (around 4-5) for eating alongside freshly prepared rice
-After discussions we will move into making Kimchi! All vegetables, condiments, kitchen supplies, and aprons will be supplied for Kimchi making. Everyone will also be given a 850ml jar to fill with their Kimchi to bring home with them

All supplies provided. Please come with an open mind and a curious gut.

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About Hosts:

Kathe Kaczmarzyk spends her time educating in fermentation and experimenting with various fermentation processes. Currently she is based in London, UK but can be found traveling, teaching workshops, and chatting away within various cities.

Kathe’s goal is to provide a means and resource to become comfortable with the teeming and ever vast bacterial and microbial world around us. By merging the understanding of various histories; an acknowledgement of the pasts that have brought us to our present, can we better link to today\’s food and the ever-adapting-changing-developing-dissolving yet resolving food \”cultures\”. How can we form a better understanding of ourselves, where we\’ve come from, and where we\’re going, through a world much larger than ourselves.

Everything in this world ferments.

Gro’up – Home of Edible Ideas is a new type of dynamic player within the field of food. We’re the first food space in Malmo (Sweden) where people, food and food culture are at the heart of every activity. Our mission is to create an understanding of a food community that shares responsibilities and interests with other like-minded people in a welcoming, delicious and creative environment. At Gro’up we use food and food culture as social tools to drive change in the way we think and act around food related topics on a daily basis.

Our foodways reflect behaviour, societal dilemmas, and awareness linked to food. That’s why we at Gro’up are interested in how the various parts and areas within food are linked together as a whole. Gro’up welcomes you no matter what your intentions regarding food are. We adapt to the climate that surrounds us and let food mediate solutions. Food gives us endless opportunities to work wt education, social projects, sustainability and entrepreneurship, without ever forgetting the delicious food of course!


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