Kefir & Cheesemaking workshop

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Presenter: Paula Guilbeault-Roballo

Paula is a holistic practitioner and Nutritionist with a passion for making real food accessible to regular folks. She believes that a strong and healthy gut can impact your physical and mental wellbeing.
Beyond just proper digestion, traditional fermented foods can help support healing joint pain and inflammation, chronic fatigue, boost Immune function, balance hormones, clear skin and lift depression.

Date Sept 12 2015 9am – 2pm
474B South Service Rd
Mississauga On CANADA

Join me for this fun and interactive Workshop where we will delve into the world of dairy based ferments. Learn about the healing powers of the most potent and probiotic food, Kefir.
We will also be learning to make some simple yet flavourful cheeses.

Cost of the workshop will be $80 and includes, interactive hands on workshop, full workbook, recipes, tons of samples, your very own kefir culture, & 3 cheeses you will make at the workshop.

space is limited to 10 participants so register early to reserve your spot.

This workshop is Organic.





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