Keeping the Microbes Alive! Creative Cooking with live-Culture Fermented Foods

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Keeping the Microbes Alive! Creative Cooking with Live-Culture Fermented Foods
Teacher Andy Reed, L. Ac.

Session IV 130-230PM Sun Feb 15
36th Annual OEFFA Conference Workshop Sustainable Agriculture: Renewing Ohio’s Heart and Soil
February 14-15, 2015
Granville, OH

Andy Reed of Krazy Kraut Fermented Foods will inspire your palate and
simplify the science of preparing delicious, probiotic-rich fermented food dishes while maintaining and
promoting the fragile live microbe cultures they contain. As time permits, Andy will demonstrate how to make an Ayurvedic-inspired coconut soup, a simple curry vegetable stir-fry, and a breakfast of fermented granola.


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