Introduction to Inoculation Ferments: Koji & Tempeh

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Every culture has a fermentation culture. Before refrigeration, cultures would transform produce around them in various ways to preserve it or to make something consumable. Through various preservation methods of endless bounties, the adaption and incorporation of fermented foods in everyday life is extensive and diversified! In this workshop we will be focusing on a different side of fermentation, ferments that require the process of being inoculated. There will be mostly a focus on Koji & Tempeh.

During the course:
-The workshop will begin with a discussion on general fermentation (history and health) with a focus on various societies that carry out ferments that deal with inoculation. Focusing on the continent of Asia, we will delve into Indonesia discussing Tempeh and over to East Asia in discussion of Koji. Both methods which have greatly benefitted socieites in both preserving and making soybeans disgestible, how else were they used and adapted?

-During the discussion we will be tasting through Tempeh\’s made with various grains and cooked in various ways, a snack that has been marinated in Shio Koji, fresh Amazake for drinking, and a possible chickpea miso and misozuke snack. *these snacks and bites are subject to change!*

-An introduction to how we can take an understanding of these two ferments and use the processes for continuous experimentations. What does it take to make these cultures and how are they currently being adapted and experimented with? What are the possibilities of exploration with these ferments?

This workshop will be heavy on discussion, tasting, touching, etc. We will be using our senses as an introduction to start exploring these two ferments. We will not be making koji or tempeh. This is also just an introduction to these two ferments (especially koji which can be expanded on and explored much much further).

Everyone will leave this workshop with the knowledge of ferments that deal in the realm of being inoculated, a greater knowledge of fermentation in respects to health and the world around us, their own fresh block of tempeh, and a small amount of barley koji spores.

Workshop fee: £65

***TO ATTEND THE WORKSHOP*** Spaces are limited so please either email or send a message to Levain London to have a spot reserved and you pay during the workshop OR purchase your ticket through:


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