Intro to Fermentation Kombucha+

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Probiotics, healing allergies IBS and digestive issues, improving joint pain… There are so many benefits to consuming fermented foods but finding true live ferments can be difficult and costly.

Wouldn\’t it be easier just to make your own?

Join Paula, holistic practitioner and food based nutritionist for this fun & hands on workshop so you can start making your own probiotic rich and delicious foods at home for next to nothing.

Workshop will cover:

• History of Fermenting
• Health Benefits
• Safety
• Brewing Kombucha
• Gingerbugs
• Jun tea
• Honey fermenting
• First and second ferment
• Recipes
• Lots of samples!

Date: Sat June 27 9am-12pm

Workshop only $45 Includes workshop, sampling, easy to follow workbook and recipes.

Workshop + starter kit $60 Includes workshop, sampling, workbook, recipes, kombucha starter kit with live culture and everything you need to start brewing.!/Workshops-and-Seminars/c/5710126/offset=0&sort=normal


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