Homestead Restoration and Fermentation Residency

Homestead Restoration and Fermentation: A Four-week Residency Program

June 11-July 8, 2013

Woodbury, TN

In 2011, the Foundation for Fermentation Fervor, Sandor’s fermentation school, purchased an old homestead—Walnut Ridge—with an 1820’s log cabin, in need of much overhaul and rehabilitation. In June and July 2012, an amazing group of volunteers came together to begin the process of restoring it. The momentum that began with that big push has continued since, and the project continues, slowly but steadily.

We are looking for a group of volunteers to work with Sandor and friends on it this coming summer. The bulk of our time will be spent working on the house and land. Projects may include:

Tending gardens, harvesting, and planting

Building masonry foundation walls

Building decks

Installing windows

“Re-chinking” (filling in between logs)

Electrical wiring


Finishing walls and/or floors

Installing new water systems


We will also do a variety of fermentation projects, including:

Fermenting vegetables

Alcoholic beverages from seasonal berries

Sour tonic beverages

Sourdough & porridges


Koji and Miso

And any others, based upon the interests of participants.


Though we will spend the bulk of our time on the restoration projects, participants will have a unique opportunity to begin fermentation projects as a group and see them through to completion, with the benefit of seeing, tasting, and discussing them as they progress over several weeks. In addition, participants will have access to Sandor’s extensive library of fermentation-related books.

Any unemployed or underemployed builders out there who want to learn about fermentation? This is a perfect opportunity for you. If you already have carpentry, masonry, plumbing and/or electrical skills to share, you will receive preferential admission to this program. But anyone with a desire to learn and a commitment to work will be considered. The program has no fee, other than a $200 deposit that guarantees your place (and will be refunded). This is a work exchange: hard work in exchange for skill-building. The size of the program will be limited. Preference will be given to people who can come for the whole period, but participants may come for shorter times within the four-week period, as well.

Housing options include free camping, or two small primitive rustic cabins available for $50/week. Please note that the cabins are not heated and have no electricity or running water. We can also recommend other local lodgings.

Please Note: Sandor and most of his friends are queer. Please do not consider this program unless you feel comfortable around queers and gender-non-conformists.


To apply for the program, copy the following questions into an email, answer them as best you can, and email to Please be patient. It may take a little time to review applications and respond.


Application for Homestead Restoration and Fermentation Residency










Describe construction/carpentry/masonry/electrical/plumbing experience and interests:


Describe gardening experience and interests:


Describe fermentation experience and interests:


Is there anything specific you are seeking to learn about?


Would you rather camp (free), stay in a rustic cabin ($50/week), or hear about other options?


Dietary restrictions?


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