Herbal Elixirs and Medicinal Meads

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

January 22 // Wednesday // 6-8pm // $30


with T. Turlington


An introductory class on home brewed honey wine and alchemical fermentation. For thousands of years, our ancestors mixed plant medicines with the sweet essence of honey or barley, and allowed the mysterious yeast to work it’s magic… the result was a bubbling, frothy liquid that at times seemed alive… and when consumed brought health, excitement and ecstatic jubilation!Today that magic is returning through the herbalists, brewers, and alchemists that are contributing to a thriving community of permaculturists, DIYers, and homesteaders.


This afternoon class is meant to educate and engage those just beginning their journey with fermentation, as well as the more advanced beer brewers. We will discuss the history and mystery of mead making. We will reveal the science behind fermentation and wine making. We will touch on the beauty of honey and the power of a few select herbs. And we will demonstrate step by step the initial process of how to make mead!


So whether you are an herbalist looking for new and fun ways to make medicine and preserve herbs, or you brew beer and want to expand to other exiting libations, or perhaps you just want to listen to an amusing story and sip on a few meads… Come out and enjoy an afternoon of fermentation!



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