Foodcrafting 101

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

A 1-Day Workshop with 4 class sessions & lunch.

$195 {includes lunch, beverages, ingredients and supplies}

Unleash your inner foodcrafter. This full-day, hands-on workshop will prepare you to start making your own artisanal bread, jam, mustards and ricotta from scratch. Your d.i.y ambassadors/instructors will be some of the city’s finest food crafters.

The workshop includes four, 1-hour foodcrafting sessions, catered lunch and beverages. Each participant will be sent home with their very own bread, a take-home containers of cheese, bread dough, a jar of fruit preserves and a container of mustard. You\’ll also receive the Institute\’s signature instruction manual with recipes and materials/ingredient resource guide empowering you to recreate everything at home.

Foodcrafting 101 Workshop Schedule:

Bread Making:

Master the simple technique of bread making from scratch using the no-knead bread recipe from the Institute Director\’s own cookbook. Learn about types of flour, where to purchase them, how to shape loaves and achieve the perfect crust. You’ll learn how to recreate a professional bread baker\’s oven at home and produce loaves that rival accomplished bakers.

Cheese Making:

Learn how to make ricotta cheese in your home kitchen with nothing more than milk and a few common household ingredients. Learn about milk and good-milk-sourcing in an eye-opening way with our signature MilkTasting™ exercise. This is a great intro to our popular Milkcrafting series.

Jam Making:

Canning is back big time! We will peel, chop, dice and otherwise macerate whatever we find fresh and in season at the farmers’ market that week and learn how to turn it into jam. We will then learn how to can in a water bath and preserve our bounty for up to a year. After class, equipped with your newly-found knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to experimenting at home with other fruits. Besides, we all know someone with a tree of unpicked fruit that simply cries out to be made into jam.

d.i.y. Mustard:

Good artisanal mustard isn’t necessarily something you’ll only find in a fancy jar from France. Crafting handmade mustard from scratch is as easy as turning on your blender. You’ll learn about different types of mustard seed, unique ingredient additions such as Guinness Stout, liqueurs, orange flower water, coffee or fresh citrus zest. You’ll have an entire flavor bar™ of spices, sweeteners and herbs to pick from as you create your own signature mustard blend.


Erik Knutzen: Co-author of The Urban Homestead and Making It: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World and a L.A. County Master Food Preserver

Joseph Shuldiner: Institute Director, L.A. County Master Food Preserver, and author: Pure Vegan: 70 Recipes for Beautiful Meals and Clean Living, Chronicle Books

Kevin West: Master Food Preserver, journalist and author of Saving the Season: a Handbook to Home Canning, Pickling and Preserving (Knopf, spring 2012)

Zach Negin: Co-owner of SoNo Mustard company

Steve Rudicel and Gloria Putnam: Steve Rudicel and Gloria Putnam have been raising goats and making cheese in Altadena since 2009. They are both graduates of the Artisan Cheese making course at the Dairy Products Technology Center, California State Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo. Their mold-ripened goat cheese “Mariposa Bijou” won a Gold Medal at in the International Dairy Competition at the Los Angeles County Fair in 2010. Both have enjoyed professional careers as teachers: Gloria as a physics and math teacher at Diamond Bar High School, and Steve as an instructor in Cal Poly Pomona’s Interdisciplinary General Education program. Steve owns and operates The Press Restaurant in Claremont, CA and is a graduate of the LA County Master Food Preserver program.


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