PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Join me as I teach fermentation basics in this fun, online series.

We begin with a 3 part sourdough course (Feb 20, 23, 27) – looking into caring for your bug so that it thrives for many years to come, baking simple no-knead sourdough bread as well as pikelets and pizza dough.

We also dive into the amazing practice of brine pickles – how to make them, avoiding mould, creating sauces from your pickles, uses for your brine and more (Feb 22).

In the final class, I will demonstrate sauerkraut and kimchi (March 8). We will cover lots of variations, tips and tricks.

All classes are via Zoom and at 8pm NZT.
Cost: $55 (NZD)

Contact geraldinewpene@gmail.com to book your spot.

Check out The Ferment Kitchen on facebook to see more of what we\’re up to.

My approach to fermenting is simple; pared back to the basics. After this series I hope you will feel confident, inspired and have all the info needed to begin your fermenting journey.


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