Fermenting by Season, Culture Swap, and Potluck

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Tara Whitsitt of Fermentation on Wheels will hold a workshop, swap, and potluck at Potomac Vegetable Farm in Purcellville, VA. She will teach wild vegetable fermentation using local, seasonal ingredients. After the workshop, a potluck and culture swap will take place in and around the fermentation bus. Attendees may bring an empty jar and take a culture home from the workshop. We ask for a minimum $1 donation for culture take home.

Fermentation on Wheels is a community from Eugene, OR that provides free food education and inspires people through workshops, literature, and visual arts projects that raise food awareness and teach fermentation. The community organizes potlucks and teaches fermentation in a school bus that has been converted into a creative kitchen and workshop space. They are now touring the United States, harvesting produce alongside small-scale farmers and holding workshops on the importance of fermentation and micro-agriculture. To learn more or get involved, visit their website at www.fermentationonwheels.com.


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