Fermenting – Beyond Basics

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

2pm – 5pm
So you’ve mastered the basics and want to get creative?
Come and join in a fun-filled, tasty and interesting workshop exploring fermentation beyond the basics! Pre-requisite: Already ferment or have attended the introduction course
Interesting Ferments
Herb Salad Dressing
Cherry Vinegar

Whole Sour Cabbage
Used to make cabbage wraps
Health giving brine shots
Waste saving Ferments
Decrease food waste in your home
Liquid Ferments
Cabbage rejuvelac (bowel cleanser)
Beet Kavas (blood cleanser)
Master Tonic (cold & flu remedy)

Honey Ferments
Honey garlic (antibiotic naturally)

Kimchi & Thai flavour ferments

Fermented Butters
Fig butter
Nut butter

Event is being held in Sandringham, Melbourne, Australia

Bookings at: info@wildferments.com.au or Griz on 0466 152 597

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/wildfermentedvegetables

Website: www.wildferments.com.au


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