Do-it-Together Kombucha Virtual Workshop

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

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Are you still paying $4 or more for a pint of kombucha?! Learn to make it for pennies a pint at home!
In this course, you will learn everything you need to brew delicious, gut-healthy probiotic kombucha at home, and get better results (for a lot less money!) than store-bought stuff.

This class will cover how to make kombucha safely at home, including secondary flavoring and carbonation.

Class Time is:
– 10:00am to 1:30pm Pacific US
– 1:00pm-2:30pm Eastern US
– 6:00pm-8:30pm GMT

LEARN: We’ll explain fermentation and have a brief discussion about all the benefits of making and eating fermenting foods
DEMO: We’ll show you how to brew your own non-alcoholic kombucha at home, both the “primary” fermentation and “secondary” bottling and flavoring.
DO IT TOGETHER: Roll up your sleeves and follow along as we go through making the primary fermentation of kombucha together step by step

“Our first batch of kombucha from the live class came out amazing and we couldn’t be happier!” — Ray, Indiana

About the Instructor

Austin Durant, Founder and Chief Fermentation Officer, Fermenters Club

Austin has been playing with his food his whole life, and fermenting it for over ten years.
He has taught over 100 classes (online courses and hands-on workshops) on fermented food traditions such as sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, miso, as well as seasonal specialties. He writes and shares recipes, videos and other fermentation adventures on his blog.


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