Cultures Group Focus on Salt

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

December Schedule

(Each event lasts between 2 to 3 hours, videos are always in their showcases. All times are Eastern Time. You can watch videos, including new ones as we post them, throughout the year.  

December 4th : Past, Present and Future Salt

Sandor Katz  – With or Without Salt. Fermentation Journeys and the roles of salt, and how people in different places ferment without salt. 

Galia Kleinman – Pulque and fermenting vegetables in pulque brine 

Nancy Singleton Hachisu – Salt: Japanese Culture and Ceremony

Kenji Morimoto – The New Year in Japanese America: the role of salt and fermentation

Haruko Uchishiba – A Systematic Approach to Japanese Pickles, Tseukemono

Eleana Hsu and Kevin Gondo of Shared Cultures – Modern Miso and Shoyu Making

Eiko Takahashi – さしすせそ (sashisuseso), and Aging and Preserving Fish

Live Event (3 Parts, In Showcase)


December 5th: Salt, Grains, Seeds and Beans

Jennifer Lapidus – North Carolina Grains Sourdough Challah: Ritual, Meditation, Ceremony

Katrya Kalyuzhna – Sourdough Baking Master Class: Country Bread, Sour Cherry Pyrizhky, and Ukrainian Rohalyky

Ellie Markovitch – Fermented Digestives and Sourdough Baking

Darra Goldstein – Black Salt

No Live Event Recording


December 11th: The Miracle of Salt


Naomi Duguid and Krishnendu Roy – The Miracle of Salt 

Melanie McIntosh – Banana Blossom Ceviche and Welsh Laverbread

Alex Gunuey – Trois Sels – How to use salt to cook, preserve and purify

Amy Kalafa – Caramel au Beurre Salé de Bretagne

Llewyn Maire – Forged Family Ferments for Comrades of a Pagan Persuasion

Ekta Maheshwari – The Role of Salt in Fermented Breads

Ken Fornataro – 10% Salt Aged Sourdough Rolls with Rosemary and Asafetida


December 12th: Salt, Sand, and Survival

5:00 PM EST

Laurent Serin and Javier Gutiérrez Carcache of ¿Adonde Lab? – Salt percentages and Water Activity in Koji Based Ferments

Meredith Leigh – Salt and Meat Preservation

Nader Mehravari – Yaldā and Persian Steamed Rice

Trevor Warmedahl – Cheese and Salt

Connie Chew – Som Pak Galum

Anshita Dawar – Winter Rooting with Root Vegetables (radish and turnip) 


December 18th: Salt, History, and Cultures

3:00 PM EST

William Rubel – Hearth and Heritage

Justin Tyler Tate – 酸菜, Taiwanese-Hakka style fermented greens

Patrícia Miguel – Portuguese Corn Broa

Will Moffat –  Sea Salt and Koji

Fermenthings – Salt and Research

Eleni Michael – Moungra, a cauliflower pickle from Cyprus using salt and sourdough discard

Wade Fox – Maillard, Miso and Mushrooms

Soirée-Leone – Shoyu and shoyu pickling in a rural setting: Fermenting to Eat


December 31st: Salt: Endings and Beginnings (In Formation)

8:00 PM EST

Christine Krauss – Yubeshi

John Hutt – Salt and Fish

Takashi Sato – Salt and Soy Sauce and San-J: An inside tour

Priya Mani – Burial Ascetics and The Salt Makers of Kutch

Vanika Choudhary – Fermentation and Preservation

Zuza Zak – Holiday Dumplings

Karen McAthy – Salt and Aging Plant based Cultured Cheeses: rind and flavour developmentSean Doherty – Salt Risen Breads

Eve Jazmati – Thai Style Salty Pickle Egg (Kai Kem) and Thai Style Rice Brine Fermented Vegetables

Kartik Sinha – Winter Pickles and the Salt Satyagraha

Dawn Woodward – Rye Sourdough Baking

Ken Fornataro – Koji based Indian Achaars – Meat, Fish and Vegetable Pickles and Pastes


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