Cultured Ice Cream Workshop

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).


Learn how to make cultured milk products (dairy & vegan) through fermentation, and celebrate summer by indulging in cultured ice cream*!
This will be an intimate experience (limited to 12 guests).

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023
Maya Moon Collective
3349 Adams Avenue
San Diego, California 92116

The experience includes:
– Introduction to food fermentation and its many health benefits
– Demonstration of two styles of kefir (dairy and tibicos or water kefir)
– Flight of cultured ice cream flavors (dairy or vegan)
– Includes a take-home milk kefir or water kefir culture

*Dairy flavors based on milk kefir (pasture-raised dairy); vegan flavors are coconut-based and cultured with water kefir


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