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2 thoughts on “Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

  1. Yes, I’ve a quick question I hope.
    I fermented beets, carrots, & turnips not too long ago. I had extra carrots ground up [fine], so I put them in the fridge to later mix with cabbage for saur krat. I opened it recently, and it kind of you know, popped, like when there’s pressure inside a jar due to…what? Anyway, I cannot tell, and do not know HOW to tell, if the carrots are still good or not.

    Can someone help me out with this? Cause it was a lot of carrots, and I really wanted them in my kraut.

    I made my kraut without the carrots, cause I just was not sure.

    After someone answers this question about the carrots, could I add them into the ferment midway [meaning, is it OK to open the jar while the stuff is in the middle of a ferment period?].

    Ok, I hope that’s clear. And I hope someone will reply ASAP ?? CAuse either way, even without going into the kraut, could I still use them for just plain carrot ferment?




    • Pressure is not a problem; it’s an inevitable byproduct of the fermentation (carbon dioxide) when trapped in a jar. the word fermentation comes from the bubbles. Best to add all your veggies at the beginning but you could add something partway through the process.Enjoy your kraut and don’t worry.

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