Cucumber & Nasturtium Kimchee

Both cucumbers and nasturtiums can be found in full production side by side in the garden, and they combine very well for a light tasty kimchee.  Cucumber kimchee is ready to eat immediately and has a very short shelf life.  It’s a quick and simple kimchee that is very refreshing and easy on the palate.















1 or 2 thin-skinned cucumbers, sliced.

1 small clove fresh garlic, crushed.

1 dozen or so green nasturtium seeds, crushed.

1 dozen or so nasturtium blossoms, whole.

1 T. plus 1 pinch of sea salt.

1 dash fish sauce.

1 pinch red pepper flakes.

1 dash kimchee juice, as starter.






Salt sliced cucumber with 1 T salt. Let sit for an hour or 2.  Discard salty brine, rinse salt away using fresh water and drain of excess water.  Add crushed garlic and nasturtium seeds, pinch of salt, dash of fish sauce, blossoms, red pepper flakes and kimchee juice and mix well. Pack in a sturdy jar and let ferment a few hours to overnight.  Enjoy immediately or refrigerate to slow the fermenting process.





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18 thoughts on “Cucumber & Nasturtium Kimchee

  1. I am SO THRILLED to the core of my heart with the thought to put nasturtium leaves and flowers into a kimchi, and to play with different c0mbinations this way. THANK YOU.

  2. How long will the cucumber and nasturtium last in fridge. And what other flowers are good for fermenting. ☺ yummy and pretty

  3. Thank you.

    I was only thinking the other evening as I picked a load of nasturtium flowers, leaves and seeds that it might be nice if they could be pickled. I love synchronicity.

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