Cobbler time – Sweet Garbanzo Miso

This miso paste is young, only 2 months, and is so delicious in a very different kind of way.  It is sweet and mild, full and very satisfying on the palette.  This is how I made this batch:

A spoonful of miso.

A spoonful of miso.

8# cooked garbanzo beans

7 # 6oz rice koji

4% sea salt (10 oz)

Garbanzo bean miso starter miso

(This filled 2 1-gallon crocks)









The tamairi is incredible but scant.  Sweet almost like honey, not too salty and so luxurious.












One of my favorite uses for sweet miso is pies and cobbler.  My daughter and I went u-picking blueberries yesterday.  Then I foraged in my garden for the ripest blackberries, and added three ripe apricots from the farmers market.

mixing the fruit


Other ingredients include:



Vanilla extract

And, of course, sweet garbanzo miso paste, which is the source of salt and a lot of yumminess (umami).

(Stir together and pour into a baking dish.)






The crust is simply almond meal, vanilla, safflower oil, and some sweet garbanzo miso.



(Mix together and crumble on top of the fruit.)










Bake @ 350 °F until fruit is bubbly and the crust is browned.

cobbler time




Naturally it’s gonna go well with some ice cream.




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16 thoughts on “Cobbler time – Sweet Garbanzo Miso

  1. Favero and I are eating this cobbler now. Sweet Miso is our sugar this summer. I made scones with it the other and day and now this cobbler. THis cobbler is as good as a blanket on a cold day.

  2. Hello! I hate to ask, but could you please translate the 8# cooked garbanzos to a dry measure? I know that this is precisely the recipe I’m looking for, but would like to feel on firmer footing with it.
    Thank you! Wish I was there to enjoy the cobbler with you. 🙂

  3. it sounds good. please inform how one makes / where one finds the second and fourth ingredients: rice koji and garbanzo bean miso starter miso. thanks in advance.

    • A quick Google search yielded several results, including GEM Cultures, Cold Mountain and South River, all of which offer koji. Miso starter (unpasteurized miso paste) is much easier to find than koji. GEM and South River have both available, and unpasteurized miso is often available at health food stores, or even Whole Foods.
      GEM cultures sells mold spores to make koji, and includes instructions to make it. Sandor Kataz’s books as well as GEM gives instructions for making koji and miso. Once you’ve made miso, you’ll have a source to use as starter miso for more batches.

  4. Hello! Favero,
    I have another question for you. I made my first Garbanzo miso this past weekend (it took me this long to manage the time). I put it in the place where I usually ferment sauerkraut, but have realized that the temperature there is running between 55F and 59F right now. Is this too cold for white miso? I can move it to a place that averages 69F if that is better, but I’m such a novice that I have no idea whether it matters or not. Please help. And thank you for all you do in this regard!!

    • Nancy, I recommend you select the higher temperature. If your intent is to make a sweet miso, higher temperatures will assist the process, and the goal. Warmer temperatures mean a faster ferment, which, for a sweet miso, means a sweeter miso faster. Sweet or white miso pastes have more koji per bean substrate. The enzymes in the koji convert the starches from the bean and the rick into sugars faster than the enzymes can convert the sugars into other products. So the miso is sweet because of the stockpile of sugars.
      Fermenting at a lower temperature will mean a slower ferment, and less build up of sugars.So the miso won’t be as sweet, but it will be delicious.

  5. Favero,
    can I use another starter than gabanzo bean miso starter? I only get other miso pastes here in the store…

    Thanks and best regards,


  6. Hi Favero,
    I have a question to ask. How much unpasteurized miso starter do you add in this recipe? I want to make it with different beans soon, so I want to know the starter amount. Thank you in advance!

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