Bold Experiments in Vegetable Fermentation

This past weekend I taught a workshop at the Rowe Center in Rowe, MA. One of my students, Sasha Kellner of Ithaca, NY repeatedly blew my mind with her creative experimentation. First, she pulled out dehydrated sauerkraut, which she had made to salvage a batch that had started to get mushy. The dehydrated kraut (with apple and hops!) was crispy and delicious, like a probiotic answer to potato chips.



Then she pulled out more flavors: sunchoke (pre-cooked)-cabbage-caraway; vanilla bean-mustard seed-nasturtium; apple-cabbage-carrot-rosemary. All were delicious and distinctive.


Here’s to bold experimentation!


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3 thoughts on “Bold Experiments in Vegetable Fermentation

  1. Deep into reading the library copy of The Art of Fermentation, I am now a complete fanatic and I know I have to buy myself a copy to refer to constantly. This post suggesting dehydration is a wonderful idea, even if the kraut hasn’t gone soft yet. Thanks for the link to waterandwool.

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