Kraut without Salt

Q:  I stay away from salt, but love sauerkraut! Can I use yogurt cultures or kefir in your recipes instead of salt? All the natural health experts say live culture is healthy, but then they say stay away from salt.
A:  Traditionally sauerkraut used a lot salt as long-term food preservation was the goal. Now-a-days health benefits are more important, and the amount of salt used is much reduced. Sauerkraut does not need to be extremely salty.  It can be made with moderate salt, or even with no salt at all. Using kefir grains or live-culture whey are two ways to do that; a couple of others are in my book. I generally just use only a very small amount of salt. The sauerkraut tastes much better with at least a small amount of salt, and my personal belief is that although excess salt consumption is a problem, we do need to eat some salt, and for most people a little salt isn’t a problem.

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