Sourdough Bread Workshop – Gluten Free too!

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).


Sourdough bread is made with yeast gathered from the air. This is a traditional leavening that was used before commercial bakers yeast was developed. It is responsible for incredible flavor, helps to make grains more digestible and nutritious, and has better keeping properties. Samples of bread, crackers, etc. will be provided and and you’ll see different starters, discuss how to create a starter and care for it, how to make gluten free sourdough breads, what it is, the benefits of using sourdough, etc.

We will bake sourdough pancakes, pita bread, and sourdough bread sticks. Participants take home sourdough starter, get recipes for starter, how to use a dry starter, breads, and a guide to substituting sourdough in yeast recipes.

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