Living Cultures: Make Your own Saurkraut and Kombucha

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Dates:  6/28/12 to 6/28/12
At Ponsford’s Place Bakery, 7:00 – 10:00 PM

Fermenting your own vegetables is delicious, easy, and safe, not to mention phenomenally nutritious.   In this hands-on workshop we will go over the historical importance of fermentation, review the health benefits of cultured foods, and cover fundamental techniques for fermenting vegetables and kombucha. We will also taste delicious examples of fermented foods.   The workshop will be led by Sohrob Nabatian, avid home fermenter.  Come connect with your food on a microscopic level and take part in an ancient tradition of food preservation!

You will leave the workshop with:

•hands-on experience and clear information on how to safely and easily ferment foods at home;
•an overview of the history and health benefits of fermented foods;
•a jar of your own fresh-made sauerkraut.

We won’t be too messy, but bring an apron or suitable clothes, a small bowl and fork for tasting, as well as a cutting board and a good knife for chopping.

To register, please contact Sohrob at  Class size is limited to ten.
Directions: Ponsford’s Place Bakery and Innovation Center, 117 Shaver St., San Rafael.
Fee: $40.


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