Live Here Now, Lama Foundation

San Cristobal, NM

LIVE HERE NOW: Skills for Sustainable Living
This year featuring our food cycle: MULCH TO MEALSAugust 22 – 27 Cost: $550 (family and group discounts available)
Sat and Sun only: fermentation extravaganza – $220
Come learn or hone traditional homesteading skills compatible with
contemporary life. With Lama as our model for elegant yet simple
living, we will practice walking in beauty– a terra-psychology compatible with
the natural environment in harmony with all our relations on earth.

Workshop leaders will direct projects involving food – from field and patio to table and pantry. Techniques and recipes for kitchen and garden will cater to your particular situation whether rural or urban, large scale or small.

Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation and longtime resident steward
of Short Mountain Sanctuary: preparation of a variety of
fermented foods — kimchi, tempeh, sourdough, beverages, and more. See

Cathy Hope, apothecary and nutritional consultant for 30 years: food preservation, such as culturing and drying; and home-made medicines from wild and cultivated herbs, including salves and tinctures. See

David Ramey, for 30 years a gardener and rural homesteader: building healthy soil and compost, including bokashi, humate and worms. [see web site?]

Gracy Belle will coordinate a team of homesteaders, gardeners, and tinkerers in sharing low-tech methods of nourishing ourselves abundantly from seasonal food sources.


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