Introduction to Cheesemaking I (8/27 – 8/29)

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).



Introduction to Cheesemaking I
April 21-23
August 27-29

This three-day workshop is the first of two classes designed specifically for anyone starting a small-scale, artisan cheese business.  This class includes two full days of hands-on cheesemaking as well as information about aging cheese, and facilities and equipment for the creamery. Topics include:

  • milk properties (sheep, cow and goat and seasonal milk production)
  • hands-on cheesemaking [lactic curd (Chevre and Fromage Blanc or Quark), Mozzarella, Ricotta, Tomme, and Gouda cheeses]
  • use of starter & ripening cultures
  • brining
  • aging the cheeses made in class
  • equipment
  • facilities for small-scale commercial cheesemaking

This workshop will be held at:
The Compass School
7892 US Route 5
Westminster, VT 05158

Contact Peter or Rachel at Tel. 802.387.4041 or email
Spaces in workshops will be reserved upon reciept of deposit. Fees for this workshop are $500, with $250 deposit required to secure a reservation. Please make checks payable to Rachel Schaal and send to:

Westminster Artisan Cheese
131 West Parish Road
Westminster West, VT 05346


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