Easy Cider

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

As Summer turns to Autumn and the nights begin to cool
Take a look at the ground and you would think us a fool
Falling from the trees, free to those who think
Apples, apples, everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Don’t let those Sonoma county heritage apples go to waste!
Come learn the truth about Johnny Appleseed, the history of American apple diversity, and how to preserve the appley abundance by making your own heirloom hard cider!

In this hands-on workshop we will delve into the past of this wonderful fruit that is so intertwined with American history and identity. Local home-gardener, fermenter and anthropologist Marley Peifer will shed light on equipment, resources, methods, and recipes. We will also discuss how fermented cider fits into the bigger picture of sustainability, bio-regionalism, genetic diversity, resilience, human health, and cultural well-being. Example cider presses will be in operation, demo batches will be made and tasted, heritage varieties will be sampled, and fortified ciders and healthful vinegars will be discussed in detail.

Participants will leave this workshop with all the knowledge needed for making their own delicious cider as well as an appreciation for the historical, ecological, and cultural significance of cider and the apple itself.

Please spread the word about this grassroots community workshop!

Saturday September 15th from 3-6pm at Moon-Acre-Farm in Sebastopol California

$25 per responsible adult

Questions: marley339@gmail.com
Easy Online Registration and Venue info: Moon-Acre-Farm.com


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