Building Fermented Foods Businesses (aka Fermentation Frenzy!)

Workshop: Building Fermented Foods Businesses (aka Fermentation Frenzy!)
Featuring Sandor Katz
Sunday July 15th – Monday July 16th, 2012 Boone, NC

Organized by the Appalachian State University Fermentation Science program in collaboration with Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture and Maverick Farms.

Farmers interested in pursuing a value-added product for their stand or wholesale accounts, and folks interested in starting a small food-based business are invited to a two-day workshop on fermented/acidified foods and beverages.

We will cover production, logistics, and financial issues of scaling-up home fermented or acidified foods and beverages to small commercial scale.

Producers from across Western North Carolina will present the “how-to’s” of various food and beverage ferments, including vegetables, cheese, tempeh, brewing, fermented soda, and mead.

Sunday night will feature a panel discussion on navigating food production and sales regulations.

Monday evening, Sandor Katz, nationally recognized fermentation revivalist and author of Wild Fermentation, The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved, and The Art of Fermentation (2012), will share his observations on fermented foods businesses and economic revival.

Registration will be available soon, for more information contact Franya Hutchins (, 828-262-8158) or check the website (


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