Affinage:Techniques, Microbes and Facilities

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is taught by others (not Sandor).

Affinage:Techniques, Microbes and Facilities

October 22 – 24, 2014

Explore the craft of cheesemaking and ripening in this three-day workshop. We’ll make a Tomme cheese while viewing each step from the perspective of the affineur, then follow the steps for ripening this and other cheeses. This session will include a trip to a local creamery for a tour of the facilities and discussion of affinage in practice. Topics include:

Selection and Use of Ripening Cultures
Bio-reactions between Microbes, Enzymes, and Cheese Components
Affinage Techniques for various cheeses, including Bloomy rind, Washed rind, Blue, Alpine, Grana, Caciocavallo/Provolone, and Tomme
Cheese Grading and Quality Control, and
Facility Design, Construction. and Maintenance of Cellars, Caves, and Brining/Drying Rooms
Participants are encouraged to bring cheeses for tasting and evaluation.

This session will be held in Westminster, VT. Address and directions will be sent upon registration.

For availability, contact Peter or Rachel at Tel. 802.387.4041 or
Spaces in session will be reserved upon reciept of registration and deposit. Fees for this workshop are $500, with $250 deposit required to secure a reservation. Please fill out 2014 WAC Registration Form, make checks payable to Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking and send to:

Westminster Artisan Cheese
131 West Parish Road
Westminster West, VT 05346


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